My Father Was Very Dull
Currently, I’m aimlessly wondering around the world looking for my brother after we were eaten and spat up by some freakish, green hybrid monster named Cell. Doing my best to avoid that short bald nose-less weirdo who thinks I owe him something for rescuing me.

((Independent RP blog for Android 18. I am affiliated with no-one and will happily RP with anyone.))

((For those who have followed me for a while I would like to update a little something. I believe that the time period I was having her live in was off-putting for my partners, and has worn me out. To that end, she is now bang up to date. Knows everyone, will talk to anyone, but my 18 never fell in love with Krillin so she's a little AU.))
Android 18 by ~Miserie
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